Leigh Chiu

With offices now in Austin, Texas and Hong Kong, Leigh Chiu™ more than two decades as an interior decorator and designer spanning New York and Hong Kong and many places in between, she has become a trusted advisor and procurement specialist to discerning families in home decor and comfort, and for corporations in functionality and elegance. After graduating from the University of Alabama, she was hired by Liz Claiborne in fashion merchandising, before she returned to study interior design at Parson™ School of Design. In 1994, Leigh joined Cullman & Kravis in Manhattan, where she gained tremendous, hands-on experience working with clients from New York™ Upper East Side, Westchester and Fairfield Counties, and Eastern Long Island.

In 1998, Leigh resigned from her job, relocated to Hong Kong with her banker husband and raised her family. In 2003, she founded Leigh Chiu Designs, Ltd, based in Hong Kong, to formalize the execution of multiple design projects that she undertook, and to fill a niche for luxurious (and highly functional) residential and commercial installations for busy Hong Kong based local and expatriate families and individuals in diverse locations.

With a reputation for sourcing the best quality, regionally-produced custom furnishings made with local materials from Asia, Leigh creates homes and offices which match the personalized tastes of her clients and expertly balances the mixture of contemporary and traditional to produce a fresh, elegant and bespoke look.

Leigh has built a highly-acclaimed, client-centric design firm with residential and commercial projects completed in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and the Australia's Gold Coast to Chicago, New York & the Hamptons and San Francisco. Leigh Chiu Designs, Ltd has offices in Hong Kong and newly-opened Austin, Texas.